Edmonton Association for Bright Children (EABC)

a Chapter of Alberta Associations for Bright Children

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• 2007-2008 Membership form

EABC Chapter

• David Laughton's Submission to the Alberta Learning Commission.

Super Saturday

    2005-2006 Season  
  • Mister Golden Sun  
  • Take A Walk On The Wild Side  
  • Think Outside the Crate  
  • Bridges  
  • Appliance Teardown  
  • Think Outside the Math Crate  
  • Behind The Scenes At The Jubilee  
  • Discover Robotics  
    2006-2007 Season  
  • Edmonton Area Control Tower Visit  
  • That Fossil Belongs in a Museum  
  • Holiday Card Workshop with Stampin' Up  
  • Create a Ukrainian Easter Egg, PysankyCreate a Ukrainian Easter Egg, Pysanky  
  • Simple Machines WorkshopSimple Machines Workshop  
  • A Chance to Catch "Tigers" in AlbertaA Chance to Catch "Tigers" in Alberta  

Discovery Group

    2005-2006 Season  
  • Behind The Scenes Walk At The Museum  
  • Biotechnology Problem Solving In The Real World  
  • Understanding Physical Abilities and Limitations  
  • MRI & Nuclear Medicine—Computers, Physics, & Safety in Imaging  
  • The ABCs of Taking Great Photos  
  • Behind The Scenes Walk At Hole's Greenhouse  
    2006-2007 Season  
  • Piano Guts  
  • Journey of Discovery in Industrial Design  
  • Discover the Fun of FencingDiscover the Fun of Fencing  
  • Forensics WorkshopForensics Workshop  

Brighter Horizons Adult Education

  • Edmonton Public Schools Challenge Program  
  • Edmonton Public Schools Extensions Program  
  • Slide deck from May 15, 2004 Edmonton Public Schools Presentation on Challenge and Extensions Programs  
  • Edmonton Catholic Schools Resources  
    2004-2005 Season  
  • What's the Plan? (Individualized Program Plans or IPPs)  
  • Join Us On The Journey  
  • The Four A's  
  • Resource Sharing and SAGE Review  
  • Homeschooling - What is it all about?  
  • Gifted Education Initiatives in Edmonton Public Schools (Grades K-12)  
  • Update on Gifted Education in Edmonton Catholic Schools  
  • Twice Exceptional: Giftedness and Other Conditions  
    2005-2006 Season  
  • What Is The Plan?  
  • Resource Show and Share  
  • SAGE Review  
  • Gifted Education Initiatives in Edmonton Public Schools  
    2006-2007 Season  
  • Gifted and Talented Programming in Edmonton Public Schools  

Explorers Group

  • New Beginnings  
  • Monotype Print Workshop  
    2005-2006 Season  
  • Explore The Public Library  
  • Fringe Theatre Adventure For Kids  
    2006-2007 Season  
  • Playgroup  
  • Royal Alberta Museum  

SAGE 2007

• Registration form

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