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Quote from The Journey (Chapter 5):

"For some people, the term "gifted" connotes superiority or elite status. People seem to understand, accept and even respect the notion of a gifted athlete, actor, artist or musician, but they may feel threatened by the term gifted when it is applied to the intellectual realm.

Unquestionably, all children have special gifts and equally deserve to be loved and cherished as individuals. However, not all children share the cluster of emotional and personal characteristics (some positive, some challenging)... nor do they have an IQ in a range that by definition is shared by only two to five percent of the population. As you learn more about giftedness, you will become better able to educate some family and community members about your child's special needs and your special challenges as a parent. It may take some time and much patience to gain their support and understanding."

Linda Silverman:
"One of the reasons the gifted are so unpopular is that the concept sounds "elitist", but Continental Airlines has it right. They don't give you an IQ test to see who sits in their elite class, they just take your money. Elitism is, and always has been, a socio-economic issue, not an intellectual one."
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