Edmonton Association for Bright Children (EABC)

a Chapter of Alberta Associations for Bright Children

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EABC is a volunteer organization that provides activities, resources, and support for bright children and their families.
Our members are primarily families. We also have some very welcome teacher members (some are parents, some are not).
It costs $25 annually for an individual or a family to join EABC. This fee essentially covers our administrative costs and basic per-child event costs.
Anyone is welcome to join EABC.
People sometimes ask if there are eligibility requirements (such as test scores, IQ scores, and so on), and the answer is No, there are no such requirements. If you are interested in joining, you are welcome to join.
We have occasionally had a school take out a single membership, but that membership will not entitle the school's students to attend EABC events under the auspices of the school. We do expect that if a child takes part in EABC events, an adult member of their family, or their guardian, will take responsibility for the child's membership, participation, and transportation.
You may become a member of EABC by sending a completed membership form with your dues to the EABC Membership Director.  Please ensure that you mail your form to the EABC and not the AABC Membership Director.
Memberships may also be purchased at the first meeting you attend.
For more information about the EABC contact Ray Tomcej by email at ray@tomcej.com or by telephone at (780) 483.0248.

Download and print a membership form here



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