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Individualized Program Plan (IPP)

What is an IPP?
Individualized Program Plans for Special Needs Students:

Alberta Education requires that all students with a special needs code have an IPP (Individualized Program Plan) in place.  An IPP is a formal, written action plan designed to address a student's special needs.  It is intended to be created collaboratively by the school, the parents, and the student.

The draft version of a new resource Individualized Program Planning is available here

Where can I find out more?
IPP Resources from Alberta Education:

Alberta Education does not prescribe the methods a local school board should use for identifying special needs students or preparing their IPPs, but it does provide resources and support.  Some of these resources are in written form and are available to parents who would like to participate in the process.

There is a wide range of information for parents on the Alberta Education site. Follow the link to Information For Parents at:


The follow the link Resources for Parents at:

Alberta Education: Learning Resource Centre (LRC):

You do not have to be a teacher to purchase materials from the LRC.  Their products are available to anyone.
a) Programming For Students With Special Needs (PSSN). Book 7:Teaching Students Who Are Gifted and Talented
  (Addresses administration of programs at both the district and school levels; conceptions of giftedness; identification including gathering and recording data; developing individualized program plans; communication and involving parents; and giftedness in the visual and performing arts) http://www.lrc.learning.gov.ab.ca/pro/resources/item.htm?item-no=415283
b) The Journey: A Handbook for Parents of Children Who Are Gifted and Talented
  This is a companion book for Book 7 above. This handbook offers information and strategies that parents can use to nurture their child's learning and emotional well-being at home, at school and in the community. (downloadable PDF.) Also available in print for $5.85 through the Learning Resources Centre. The Alberta Associations for Bright Children contributed substantially to this document
c) Programming For Students With Special Needs (PSSN). Book 3: Individualized Program Plans (IPPs)
  This resource describes a process for IPP development and includes strategies for involving parents.  It provides information on writing long-term goals and short-term objectives.  Forms and checklists are included to assist in planning.)  Note: this is an old publication and may not be available.  You may find "The Learning Team" to be its best replacement
d) The Learning Team: A Handbook for Parents of Children with Special Needs, 2003
  This resource offers information and strategies for parents of children with special needs who want to be more meaningfully involved in their children's education. (Downloadable PDF.) Also available in print for $5.10 through the Learning Resources Centre: http://www.lrc.education.gov.ab.ca/pro/resources/item.htm?item-no=511891

Special Needs

Where can I find out more?
Special Needs Resources from Alberta Education:

The Special Needs section of Alberta Education's website is at:

Identification is always a first step in Special Needs education. The Guide to Education of Students With Special Needs is available here.

Code 80

What is "Code 80"?  Coding a Gifted Student in Alberta:

Alberta Education expects school boards in Alberta to identify students with special needs.  For administrative purposes, identified students are assigned certain codes.

Alberta Education considers students identified as Gifted and Talented to be students with special needs.  The administrative code assigned to students who are gifted and talented is 80.  Thus: Code 80.

The Special Education Coding Criteria 2006/2007 is available here.

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